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If you are a high school student, please fill out the anonymous survey below.

We will use this data to better understand our students' needs and to create club activities that are interesting and fun for everyone.

Thanks for helping us! 

How comfortable are you with students that are different from you?

Very comfortable,

I love learning about differing views, beliefs, etc.

Very uncomfortable,

I’d rather stick with people similar to me

How comfortable are you with trying new things?

Very comfortable,

I always look for new things to try

Very uncomfortable,

I really dislike trying new things, I prefer to stick with what I know

How comfortable are you trying new things with friends?                  

Very comfortable,

I feel much more relaxed when we try new things together

Very uncomfortable,

I still don’t like to try new things even with friends

How comfortable are you speaking to new people, people you’ve never met before?

Very comfortable,

I intentionally look for new people to make friends with  

Very uncomfortable,

I try to avoid new people at all cost

What motivates you more:

Competitive projects.

A project with an award at the end  

Service projects.

A project to help others

What motivates you to join a new group project:

Meeting new people, making new friends

The project itself.

An interesting project or activities

Write down three words that describe you:

What do you consider your best quality?

What’s one thing you’d like to get better at when it comes to making friends or social situations?

What are the three most important qualities you look for in a group?

From last year’s drama group experience:

Write down three things that you liked

Write down three things that you didn't like

Write down what the most challenging thing was for you

Write down what the most rewarding thing was for you

Are you involved in any other clubs?

List all the clubs you are involved in:

Club 1

Why did you join?

If you are NOT involved in any club, what would motivate you to join a club?

Club 2

Why did you join?

Club 3

Why did you join?

Club 4

Why did you join?

Club 5

Why did you join?

When you don’t feel you want to do a project, what might convince you otherwise?

What would you like to get out of this new club?

You have a magic wand and can make any club appear. What club will it be?

A genie grants you one wish. What do you wish for?