Do you ever...
...have a hard time making friends?
...feel like others judge you because of who you are?
...wish there was someone who'd understand you?
...feel like
you don't belong?
...wonder if something is wrong with you?
...feel lonely?

At ImPerfect you'll meet other students as creative, bold, shy, smart, and extraordinary as you are. It's a safe place where nobody will judge you because of the way you dress or think or speak or the music you listen to. We welcome anyone regardless of your sexual orientationreligious or political views, race, immigration status, personal struggles, 

mental or physical illness. 

In fact, the more diverse and unique our group,

the happier          we all are.   

So how does

it work?


As simple as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

1. Ask your school if they offer our Out Of Order Club program?

2. If your school is not part of our program, contact us. 

3. If your school offers Out Of Order Club, sign up for it.

4. Come to our first meeting.

5. Bring yourself and we'll provide the rest.

What will I have to do there?

Here are some optional things you can do at our meetings

1. Sit and listen

no one will force you to speak or participate 


2. Participate

it might actually be fun


3. Get involved

we always need creative souls


Too good to be true? Try it once and decide for yourself.


Still skeptical?Check what others say about the experience