Is your teen quirky, original, creative, bold, and unable to make friends?

Does your teen feel distant, isolated, quiet, unwilling to go out? 

Does your teen spend hours on end on social media or Netflix or YouTube, but has a hard time talking to people?

Does your teen suffer from anxiety, depression or other mental health problems?

Did you know?

Behind their thick wall of silence, teens still need to feel you care about them no matter how hard they make it for you to love them. They want you to set limits, even if they fight them. They want you to know that they don't know the answer to their silence, the mess they feel inside, the anger and pain they fight every day. They need space, they need friends, they need someone outside the family who to talk to, to look up to, to have fun with. Something to look forward to.

How you can help your child

Our Out Of Order Club is designed to help isolated teens to connect with peers through team activities in a safe, non-judgmental afternoon-club setting in your child's school.  

Find out if your child's school has the program. Encourage your child to attend. If your school doesn't have the program or for questions, contact us.